Сapitalization of the crypto market has grown by 167% since 2018

Capitalization of the cryptocurrency market has increased by 167% – from $100 billion to $ 268 billion since December 2018. Digital money trading volumes have risen by 480% during this time. Now they amount to $59 billion. The share of Bitcoin in the industry has grown by 35% and reached 69% during this time.

The price of the first cryptocurrency was at a record low of $3200 at the end of last year. Today the cost is around $10400. For nine months, the value of the asset has grown by 225%. The coin was worth $6440 with trading volumes of $ 4 billion in August 2018. Now, this figure is about $15 billion with an increase of 275%. Ethereum and XRP haven’t been able to show the same dynamics over the past year, as well as Bitcoin. Ethereum has risen 128% from $83 to $186. The cost of the XRP token hasn’t changed so much. It amounted to $ 0.290 in mid-December 2018, now – $ 0.270 (-7%).

It is worth noting, that about 800 thousand addresses store more than 1 BTC. Cryptocurrency exchanges own some of them. In addition, many investors have several wallets for risk-sharing. Therefore, the real number of people who own 1 BTC is nearly 400 thousand.

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