About 100 thousand NEO tokens haven’t owners

Half of the NEO tokens were sold during the ICO. The NEO startup raised $97,517 and 8169 BTC during the ICO in 2016.

The developers eliminated the cryptocurrency in February 2018. Part of the assets was used to finance separate structures within the single fund. They invested in various projects such as Ontology, Oasis Labs and Chromaway. The developers used tokens to support the life of the project, including the payment of salaries to 50 employees. Of the remaining funds, 30% were distributed among non-profit investment units, 20% – for the “motivation” of developers.

Today there are 100 thousand tokens of the NEO network, which were not taken away after the ICO. The coins will be transferred to the project fund, if the owners don’t appear until October 2019. About 10 groups of programmers are working on the development of the project. Two of them are in China. The company is currently developing its Seattle office and is building a partnership with Microsoft.

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