According to Circle, the price of Bitcoin will rise

The decrease in the volatility of the cryptocurrency market and the volume of trades is due to the fact that users are waiting for a clear position of the government regarding this industry, assured the director of legal and financial affairs of Circle, Claire Wells. She added that the cost of the first cryptocurrency in the coming months will start to grow again and this is inevitable.

I think the price will increase again over the next few months and believe that many people are just waiting for it to be adjusted. I would not like to denote the price or the currency, but I really think that we will see an increase in value. I mean, it’s inevitable. – said Wells.

Cryptocurrency startup in May attracted 30% more institutional investors than in April. The head of the project, Jeremy Aller, said that Circle had 15 times more transactions with a minimum order of $250 thousand than last year.

The company plans to register with the US Securities and Exchange Commission as a brokerage trading platform. The startup announced the release of the USD Coin token, the value of which will be tied to the US dollar.


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