Cryptomart Weekly News Review 03.15.2019

The price of Stellar token rose by 10%

Stellar began to grow gradually since March 7. The token increased by 15% to $0.107 on March 11. Cryptocurrency takes 9 place in the list of largest projects by capitalizatio

Ledger discovered vulnerabilities in Trezor cryptoсurrency wallets

Representatives of the Ledger company published in the official blog material in which developers present several ways to hack Trezor cryptocurrency wallets. Experts report that the vulnerability can only be fixed by revising the construction of Trezor wallets, including developing a new chip.

Why is Binance Coin growing faster than Bitcoin?

Since the beginning of the year, the price of Binance Coin increased at a pace, uncharacteristic of the current state of the cryptocurrency market. The token rose in value by 145% since December, updating its semi-annual maximum. There are several reasons, which affected such growth.

Bitcoin didn’t meet the expectations of investors

Bitcoin showed a decline of 0.2% on the morning of March 14. The main digital coin failed to overcome the $4000 mark. Bearish mood again in the market. Other cryptocurrencies are gradually moving into the red zone following Bitcoin.

Coinbase Pro began to support Stellar

The developers of the Coinbase Pro crypto exchange have announced the listing of a new token – Stellar. Clients will be able to conduct trading Stellar in pairs with the US dollar, euro, and Bitcoin in the near future. The news about the listing had a positive impact on the cryptocurrency cost.

Bittrex canceled the token sale of RAID project

A RAID startup, which planned to hold a token sale on the Bittrex crypto exchange on March 15, get in the middle of a scandal. A message appeared on the resource blog, according to which the partnership between RAID and OP.GG was broken due to certain circumstances. Bittrex announced the cancellation of its first IEO after these events.

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