Cryptomart Weekly News Review 03.22.2019

Litecoin price increased by 196% in 2.5 months

The Litecoin price barely reached $30 at the end of December last year. Today, the coin costs $59.79. Since then, the price of cryptocurrency rose in price by 196%. The Litecoin team plans to halve the reward for miners at the end of the summer. This should automatically lead to a decrease in production and cause a shortage of tokens in the market.

Cryptopia crypto exchange returned to work

The Cryptopia team spent a little more than two months to restore the platform’s activities. The criminals hacked trading platform twice in mid-January. The developers resumed trading in 40 currency pairs, which are deemed safe.

Bithumb crypto exchange will dismiss half of the employees

The Bithumb crypto exchange from South Korea will cut its working staff by half. The leaders of the platform said that the reduction will be voluntary and will affect only those who independently decided to change their place of work.

Will Ethereum work faster?

Vitalik Buterin told about the problems, over which his team works now. “The Ethereum blockchain right now can process 15 transactions per second. Really, we need 100,000.” One of the tools that will allow the network to maintain the speed of thousands of transactions per second will be Sharding solution.

Bitcoin price increased again

The average market cost of Bitcoin rose to $4011 on March 21. The total capitalization of the cryptocurrency market increased to $140.6 billion over the same period. However, Bitcoin’s share in the market fell to its lowest level in the last four months, to 50.8%. According to analysts, this may be due to increase investors in projects of other altcoins.

Developers will make important updates for the Tron network

Several important updates will take place on the Tron network in the second quarter of 2019. The founder of the project spoke about the innovations that will appear on the platform.

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