Cryptomart Weekly News Review 04.12.2019

How much should Bitcoin cost ?

Bitcoin cryptocurrency should be trading at $ 14,000. This price is related to the cost of the coin’s mining. According to Fundstrat, the extraction of one Bitcoin now costs $4000 – $5000. Cryptocurrency should be sold 2.5 times more expensive than the cost of mining in the period of the growing market.

Hackers attacked Electrum wallet

Hackers stole millions of dollars of Electrum wallet users’ cryptocurrency. The developers recommend users not to download the application from any resources other than the official site. In addition, the team advises establishing a connection to the servers only in manual mode.

Traders refuse Bitcoin

Traders began to invest less in Bitcoin, preferring to keep their funds in other cryptocurrencies. About 47% of cryptocurrency traders hold from 60% to 100% of their funds in altcoins. Many altcoins have risen in price since December last year, significantly more than Bitcoin.

Coinbase clients can pay for purchases using Visa card

Coinbase clients from the UK will be able to pay for purchases with cryptocurrencies using a Visa debit card. The company introduced the Coinbase Card with the assistance of the PaySafe payment service. The card will be linked to the customers’ accounts of the trading platform. The cryptocurrency will instantly convert into fiat money in the process of making a payment.

Developers began the closed testing TON blockchain

Blockchain of Telegram Open Network is in a closed testing phase. It will allow studying the properties and availability of the network, what transactions and at what speed it will be able to conduct.

Bithumb crypto exchange lost $180 million for the year

Bithumb cryptocurrency exchange lost about 205 billion won (about $ 180 million at the current exchange rate) last year. Financial difficulties arose due to the decline of Bitcoin price and hacker attacks on the platform.

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