Cryptomart Weekly News Review 05.10.2019

Tron developers eliminated critical vulnerability

The TRON team spoke about a “high level” vulnerability that threatened the stability of their network. Developers learned about a serious problem on January 14 from a hacker. However, they hid information about the bug. Information was published only after correcting the error. The hacker received a reward from developers.

One address made 50% of transactions on the Bitcoin Cash network

One address in the Bitcoin Cash network has 50% of all transactions for the last month. The number of transfers reaches 587 thousand to date. At the same time, the entire Bitcoin Cash blockchain processed 1.17 million transactions over the same period. The community believes that the address owner wanted to create the appearance of network activity.

Analysts made predictions about the future of Bitcoin

Bitcoin has grown by 4.17% on May 7. Coin cost $5935. For several days, analysts, traders, and reviewers of the cryptocurrency industry have been publishing various assumptions about how the first cryptocurrency can rise high.

Litecoin Core lowered transaction fees

The Litecoin team has announced the release of a new version of Litecoin Core v0.17.1 digital storage. The update includes minor changes to the interface, enhanced confidential options, and decreased coin transfer fees.

Binance crypto exchange will add new trading pairs

Binance сryptocurrency exchange has created new trading pairs for BAT and ETC. Clients of the trading platform will be able to sell and buy coins for USDC, PAX, and TUSD. Earlier, the CEO of the platform announced support for ATOM token.

Are altcoins preparing for a breakthrough?

The price of Bitcoin has updated a six-month high at around $ 6,336 on May 10. The first cryptocurrency successfully overcame the zone of resistance of $6100. However, many investors are worried about the situation that has developed with altcoins. They have depreciated strongly against Bitcoin in the past six months. One gets the impression that other coins interest investors less than Bitcoin.

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