Cryptomart Weekly News Review 05.31.2019

The price of Bitcoin has risen above $8800

The average market price of Bitcoin set a new annual maximum of $ 8846 on the morning of May 27. The last time the first cryptocurrency was trading at this level more than 12 months ago on May 11, 2018. Bitcoin’s cost has increased by 159% over the past few months. The share of the coin in the market is 57.3% with an asset capitalization of $154 billion.

Ethereum reached an important mark

The average market cost of Ethereum rose to $272.63 on May 27. Altcoin approached the annual record value of $273.3, which was set on May 16. Ethereum rose by 162% over the past four months.

Bitcoin overtook oil and gold

Investment analyst Charlie Bilello claims that Bitcoin has outpaced oil, gold, and companies from the Nasdaq 100 list in terms of profitability since the beginning of 2019. According to an expert, this figure is 134% for the Bitcoin, 27% for oil, and 0.04% for gold.

Binance will launch an updated platform

Binance cryptocurrency exchange reported that the launch of the updated platform is 90% ready. In addition to the new interface, the developers will add to the platform the possibility of margin trading.

How the news affected the price of Bitcoin SV?

The cost of Bitcoin SV cryptocurrency began to rise sharply in the afternoon of May 29. One of the reasons for this growth could be the false news that began to spread in China. Many investors believed it.

Who is manipulating the price of a Bitcoin?

The head of the Ikigai cryptocurrency hedge fund, Travis Kling, is confident that the appreciation of Bitcoin price in the spring of 2019 happened due to the purchase of an asset by several large investors. He noted that the US Federal Reserve created the initial impetus for the growth of the price of digital money. Large investors used this.

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