Hard fork took place in Siacoin network

On November 2, the Siacoin development team successfully conducted a hard fork in network. Now, it’s impossible to mine cryptocurrency using ASIC-miners from Bitmain and Innosilicon companies. The update took place two days after the deadline due to errors in the code. After hard fork, the complexity of altcoin’s network decreased by approximately 98%. At the same time, the number of miners decreased. Siacoin developers announced an update in early October. The cryptocurrency team decided to block ASIC devices in favor of their own equipment.

Nevertheless, the price of Siacoin hasn’t changed over the past day. The cost of the token is at a level $0.0064. Altcoin ranks 37 in the list of largest cryptocurrencies by capitalization. During the same time, Bitcoin cost fell by 0.84%, Ethereum by 0.12%.

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