How the news affected the price of Bitcoin SV?

The cost of Bitcoin SV cryptocurrency began to rise sharply in the afternoon of May 29. During a few hours, it increased by 50%, after which it continued to grow. However, the price started to drop in the late afternoon. The coin costs $196.33 now. Thus, Bitcoin SV went up by 9.3% over the past day.

One of the reasons for this growth could be the false news that began to spread in China yesterday. At one of the local crypto exchanges, someone reported that Craig Wright transferred 50,000 BTC to the Binance cryptocurrency exchange. Thus, he proved that he is the real Satoshi Nakamoto. Therefore, the trading platform decided to re-list the asset and bring a formal apology.

It’s a lie. However, many investors believed it. Fake news has affected retail investors in China. It’s worth recalling that Craig Wright filed an application for registration of copyright on Bitcoin in the United States on May 21. The Copyright Office of the country said they didn’t recognize the Australian scientist as the creator of the first cryptocurrency. The registration procedure consists of filling out a form online and paying a fee of $ 55. Despite this, Bitcoin SV increased by 127% in a few hours.

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