How to earn 100 bitcoins?

Miner from China Chandler Guo is looking for the most profitable place in the Middle East to accommodate mining equipment. He believes that Iran could be a potentially convenient point for mining of cryptocurrency. The investor is willing to pay 100 bitcoins ($347 thousand at the exchange rate for January 30) for accurate calculations with the most convenient geolocation and with economic point of view.

Chinese miners, who control, according to some data, more than half of bitcoin mining, have a number of difficulties. Therefore, they are looking for options to install their equipment. The government of the country hinders the development of the blockchain industry. They are tightening electricity tariffs for entrepreneurs. In addition, cryptocurrency, trading platforms and ICO are prohibited.

A flood happened in Sichuan province last summer. It destroyed 70% of all mining equipment in China. Insurance companies refused to pay compensation because the disaster fell under the category of force majeure.

Chandler Guo is not the only one, who is ready to pay for good advice. In his group of the social network, there are investment business colleagues, which also showed interest to the Middle East.

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