The leading manufacturer of ASIC-miners intends to enter the market of artificial intelligence

The Chinese company Bitmain Technologies is known primarily as the largest producer of ASIC-miners for Bitcoin and a number of other cryptocurrencies, but now seriously considers the artificial intelligence market (AI) as an alternative source of income.

This is a direct result of the prohibitive measures imposed by the Chinese authorities on the сryptocurrency and ICO market.

As a Chinese company we must be prepared for such a scenario. – said Jihan Wu.

He refused to comment on the profits of Bitmain Technologies, however, according to the publication, in 2017 this figure was $3.5 billion. Jihan Wu believes that following the ban on the ICO and the work of the cryptocurrency exchanges, the Chinese authorities can limit the work of mining companies. This, in turn, will lead to a serious blow to the Bitmain, which supplies the miners necessary equipment and chips.

AI-chips in this way can become an important source of an alternative source of income for the company.

Artificial intelligence requires great calculations. – said Jihan Wu.

Jihan Wu believes in five years the sales of AI-chips can make up to 40% of the operating profit of Bitmain Technologies.


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