Trust Wallet added support for decentralized exchanges

The Trust Wallet cryptocurrency purse, which Binance acquired in the summer of 2018, supports various decentralized exchanges now. This was achieved by integrating the Kyber Network protocol.

Initially, the wallet only supported Ethereum and ERC-20 standard tokens. After that, the developers added other cryptocurrencies. In addition, they included support for Binance DEX. Today users can exchange their cryptocurrencies at various trading platforms without the need to work with selected books of orders.

The developers of Trust Wallet plan to expand the number of assets on the PoS algorithm in the future. They will add stacking options for them. In addition, developers plan to implement access to second-level solutions, such as the Lighting Network.

Trust Wallet announced the start of cooperation with the Celer project In April. It’s one of the most anticipated IEOs of the year, which passed on the Binance Launchpad platform. The partnership aims to introduce simple interactive decentralized applications, integrating various games, services, and microinsurance.

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